Monday, April 5, 2010

PS Teachers - Plus signs and X's on Report Cards

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Note: Once you put out these marks, parents will be able to view them on their Powerschool screens.

The procedure for putting + signs and X's on report cards has changed.  You must go into Gradebook to do this now.  Once you are in Gradebook, click on the Tools tab, and select "Preferences".  The box below will appear, and you should click on the Standards tab.  Insure that the box next to Display Standards and other Measures in Final Score Mode is checked.

Next, if you are in grades 1 - 4, select your homeroom from the list of classes, and hit the Scoresheet tab.  If you are in grades 5 - 8, you should select the actual class you are entering standards for (for example 5th grade Math, etc).   Once you are on the Scoresheet, click on the Final Grades tab (big red arrow points to it), and all of the standards should appear in a way similar to the way your assignments appear in Gradebook.  Not seeing the Final Grades Button?  Check your screen resolution.  It should be 1024 x 768 or higher.  The first standard is Citizenship, which you can skip, since we don't use it.  The rest of the standards should appear in the order that they appear on the report cards.  If accessing the standards from your homeroom, they will start with the Personal and Social Growth Standards that appear on the left side of the report cards.  After these, the specific subject standards will appear.  If accessing the standards from a specific subject class, only the standards for that class will appear.  If you want to enter either a + or an X in a standard, right click on the cell that corresponds to the student and standard, move the mouse pointer down to Grades, slide the mouse pointer over to either the + or the X, and left click.

The X will appear in the cell you selected.

If you need to see the full description of the standard, slide the mouse pointer over the standard box (green or blue) at the top of each column, and the full description will appear in a yellow box.

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  1. Jim-we have a problem--our first quarter grade doesn't match our Y1 grade--do you have any idea how to fix this?
    thank you
    Donna Tyburski
    4th grade