Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PS Teachers - Overriding Grades and Entering Report Card Comments

Overriding Final Grades and Adding Report Card Comments
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You may have a need to manually change a grade that was calculated by Powerschool.  You may also want to add comments that will appear in the comments section on the student report cards.  For both processes, you will have to access the Score Inspector from Gradebook.  The following images show in detail how to perform these functions.

After determining which student you want, right click on that student's final grade.  (See image below)  You should then click on Show Score Inspector.

In the image below, you will see that the Score Inspector box for the Q1 Final Grade has appeared.  In it, you can manually override a grade, enter report card comments, or do both.  Once you are finished, simply click on the close button.

To manually override a grade, click on the box next to the words Manual Override, so that a check mark appears.  By doing this, the Percent and Grade fields which were greyed out now appear in black, and can be changed.  Make sure that you change both the percentage and grade. 

If you want to enter report card comments, you can click in the comment box and start typing.  Please remember that only comments written here will appear on report cards.  You can also access "canned" comments by clicking on the Comment tab right above the Manual Override check box.  Only comments entered under Final Grade will appear on the report card.  Comments entered under an individual assignment can be viewed by parents through their Powerschool access.  For grades K - 4, all comments should be entered under Homeroom.  For grades 5 - 8, comments should be entered in each individual class, including Special classes.

After you click close, you will notice that a small red dot with and exclaimation point will appear in the Final Grade box for the student, if you manually overrode the grade.  If you entered comments for the student, a small blue dot with a "c" in it will also appear.

One question that I am always asked when I tell teachers about the override process is, "Will the parents see something that tells them that the grade was changed?"  The answer is NO.

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